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Our core team is not big. We try to stay lean this days. Looks good, feels good and we can run faster, especially if we’re being chased by angry competitors.

On a serious note, every member of our core team has expertise in a certain area and can expand, not literally, by bringing to the core team our other team members if needed. When the project is completed, we deflate, not literally, and again it feels good and light. This way the quality of our work and service never suffers.

This is the most common question that we hear in our office. This question is not just asked by our clients but is also an ultimate internal question as well. The most common answer to this is: “It depends”.

You might be a retailer that wants to start offering your goods online. Or maybe a professional, for example, an architect that wants to show case their work. Or maybe an open minded fire-breathing dragon, that’s trying to promote fire-fighters in the area. Whatever you want to do and achieve, everyone has different needs and goals.

Give us a call. After asking you a few questions, and digesting it with a morning tea, I’m positive the answer will not consist of “It depends”.

If we learned anything over the years through being involve in digital industry, it is that everything is possible. Well, almost everything. Someone can have an idea to create an online application, where by pressing a button, fairy dust shoots out of your printer and sprinkles you with gold coins. It’s unlikely that we are currently at that state of technology to accomplish that.

But other than fairies, pixie dust or unicorns, just give us enough time and financial support and we can do it.

This is not a e-relevant question, even in our digital age when most of our work is done remotely. We still meet with some of our clients for a cup of coffee or a herbal tea, those who are in our immediate area of an hour’s drive.

We all love our city of Hamilton… Oh, you don’t know where it is? Look at a map of Canada, see the Great Lakes? Hamilton is right there on the shore of lake Ontario, neighbouring the great city of Toronto on the south west side. Just our side is greener.