No matter if you have a budget to hire professionals or not, you should definitely start using Social Media as your marketing tool.

If you choose to do one thing and don’t do anything else: Set up a Blog! Blogging is by far one of most kept secret of internet marketing. Everyone can talk non-stop about what they do, and if they can’t they are in wrong industry. Posts don’t have to be long, two tree paragraph and a picture that’s all it takes, but post them regularly, not less then ones a month.

The benefits of blogging are in-describable. How about becoming an ultimate guru, an authority in your field. By the way, it will be not just opinion of potential and current customers and clients, it is hard-wired in search engines’ algorithm. Each post considered as a new page, and if your website has hundreds pages on the topic, you are rising up.

Oh, yes. Just a note. Don’t forget to use keywords in your blog posts, and YouTube channel to promote your blog and website, and Twitter feeds to update everyone on what’s going on, and Facebook page to interact with your fans, and… We can stop now, you’ve got the idea.